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What are the benefits of combining sunshade nets and insect nets?

The development of modern China is getting better and better, and the fields of application are also widely used. The use of sunshade nets can reduce the reduction of pesticides, better protect plants, and have the advantages of green, high efficiency, cost saving, and consumption reduction. Therefore, through investigation and research, our company will share with you what should be paid attention to when using insect nets:
Insect net selection
The insect net is a kind of high-quality polyethylene raw material with anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and other chemical additives. It is woven by wire drawing and looks like a window screen. It has high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and non-toxic. Odorless properties. Insect nets in production are available in black, white, silver gray and other colors, and the net color can be selected according to the application requirements. When used alone, you should choose silver gray (silver gray has a better repelling effect on aphids) or black. When used in conjunction with sunshade nets, it is better to choose white, and the general mesh size is 22 mesh.
Matters needing attention
Kill the free-living insect sources in the shed in time. After the shed is covered with insect nets, some pests can also spread through soil, seeds and seedlings. Therefore, before sowing or planting, use high-temperature airtight greenhouses or low-toxic pesticides to kill parasite pupae and larvae in the soil. When planting, it is best to bring the seedlings into the shed with medicine, and choose strong plants that are free of pests and not infected by viruses.
What needs to be done is to closely strengthen the daily management of the shed
When entering and leaving the greenhouse, the shed door should be closed tightly to prevent pests from entering; before performing agricultural operations (such as grafting, pruning, branching, and topping), the relevant utensils should be disinfected to prevent viruses from being introduced from the wound, so as to ensure the use of insect-proof nets Effect.
Do a good job in other aftermath management during consumption
It is necessary to check frequently whether there is any tear in the insect-proof net. Once found, it should be repaired in time to ensure that there is no pest intrusion into the net room.

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