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On the main varieties of outdoor SHADE SAIL

Main types of outdoor SHADE SAIL: curved arm awnings, curtain awnings, front window awnings, French awnings, fixed awnings.
Functions and features: Awning has a comprehensive function of external shading, which can completely block ultraviolet radiation, reduce indoor temperature and reduce air conditioning load.
Energy saving effect: According to statistics, the comparison between installing awnings in Windows and not installing awnings can save up to 60% of the electricity used for refrigeration. In offices, high-rise buildings, schools and public places with a large area of Windows, the installation of external shading system, from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, is very significant.
The harmonious unity of shading and lighting: while shielding the hot summer, it can make the strong sunlight reflected into the room in the form of diffuse light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the landscape outside the window seen from the indoor, extending people's living space from the indoor to the outdoor, creating a new living space.
Ultraviolet protection function: The special ultraviolet protection function of the sunshade cloth not only makes the human skin from the invasion of ultraviolet rays, but also greatly extends the service life of interior decoration and furniture.
Personalized decoration: Awning has a rich variety of cloth patterns, colors, users can customize the window around the colorful dress according to their taste, but also can choose the right type of awning according to the shape of the building, so that the building equipped with Hua Sheng awning more personality, thus improving the image of the whole building.
High strength curved arms and skeleton: The awning is made of high strength aluminum alloy material with a special coating of paint, acid, alkali and corrosion resistant, with a service life of up to 15 years, and can withstand Force 5 winds when the cover is opened.
High quality sunshade cloth: The sunshade cloth is made of special polypropylene acrylic, using deep dyeing technology, high color fastness, this material is tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, can resist the impact of harsh environment and climate, the surface is treated with Teflon coating, waterproof, easy to dry, with self-cleaning, especially stable quality, long service life, high color fastness.
The SFC - Teflon - coated all-weather outdoor fabric also has extremely high resistance to water and pollution. Different models of all-weather outdoor fabric can resist water from 300 mm water column per square centimeter to up to 1,000 mm water column.
In addition, the all-weather outdoor fabric is easy to care for, long-term outdoor use to ensure no mold and no decay. The service life is longer than that of other similar products, which can ensure the use of bright colors for 5 years.
All-weather outdoor fabric is widely used in retractable or fixed high-grade sunshade, awning, large umbrella, fixed canopy and detachable protective cover of yachts and outdoor sightseeing cars, as well as outdoor patio seat cushion cover.
Scope of application: Awning whether private garden, terrace, sun room or bedroom Windows, or outdoor commercial pedestrian street, coffee bar, tea shop. Awnings can bring you close to nature, shelter you from the wind and rain, so that you can enjoy a sunny life under the pleasant shade.

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