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What is the fabric of curtain blackout cloth?

In summer, the outdoor temperature is relatively high and the sunlight is relatively warm. At this time, we need to install a blackout cloth in the room. What material is this kind of blackout cloth made of? Is there any danger? Today I will introduce it to you in detail.
1. What is the fabric of the shade cloth?
The blackout fabric of this kind of curtain is silver-gray on both sides, just like glued paper, and its fabric is made of chemical fiber. This kind of fabric is relatively smooth, not easy to shrink, and it is very convenient to take care of it at ordinary times. In addition, some shading cloths also add a kind of black fiber to achieve the purpose of shading. Relatively speaking, this material is relatively cheap, and according to its color division, there is a difference between matt and bright. In terms of actual use effect, it not only has the effect of shading, but also has the function of beautifying the environment.
2. Is it okay to install blackout cloth in the bedroom?
1. From the perspective of sleep, installing shading cloth indoors does have a certain effect, especially in summer, when the ultraviolet light outside is very strong. After the shading is pulled up, it can quickly block the entry of outdoor ultraviolet rays, and for people Sleep has a certain promoting effect.
2. When many people buy curtains, they will consider whether they have shading performance. Ordinary cotton curtains can only block part of the light source, which will affect the family's sleep.
3. However, some shading cloths use chemical coatings, and harmful substances will be volatilized under sunlight, so you must pay attention to whether its ingredients are safe when you buy them, and go to regular stores to buy them.
4. The quality of the selected blackout curtains is not good. This kind of fabric will release certain flame retardants, which will cause the problem of excessive formaldehyde, which will cause greater harm to the human body. Pay attention when buying, if the color is more complicated, it will be more harmful.

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