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Anti-bird net installation method

Anti-bird net installation method
1. The anchor is fixed on the ground, so as to ensure that the column is strong and stable. To set up the anti-bird net, connect the horizontal and vertical wires to form grids one by one. After fixing the two ends of the wire, use a wire tensioner to tighten the wire, and then fix it. The next step is to set up the net.
2. The erection of the anti-bird net should be based on the height of the fruit tree, and the column must exceed the height of the fruit tree by more than 1.5 meters. The steel pipes are set up every ten meters in the horizontal direction and every twenty meters in the vertical direction, and the bottom is to be irrigated with cement, and the depth of the irrigation cement is about 70 centimeters.
3. Carry out the mesh line according to the steps. Put the net on the shelf and fix the two sides of the net line. Let's go through the mesh line of the sky net first. After opening the anti-bird net, find the side of the width, and use the mesh line to thread the mesh. Leave a section of rope at each end and tie it to the edge of the mesh at both ends. In this way, the width sides can be quickly and accurately opened during the installation process.
4. The blue or black end of the anti-bird net is the reinforced edge, which acts as a reinforcement to prevent the mesh from tearing. Today, when anti-bird nets are widely used, it is very important to learn how to build them. The above text is the introduction of this knowledge. If you want to buy professional grape anti-bird nets, horticultural insect-proof nets and other products, please come to our company to buy.

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