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Darkgreen shade sail

1.  HDPE knitted fabric with 5 years u.v.;   180gsm, 80% u.v. block , 3.0x3.0x3.0m; 3.6x3.6x3.6m; 5.0x5.0x5.0m; 3.6x3.6m; 5.0x5.0m; 3.0x4.0m; 3.0x5.0m
2.  HDPE knitted fabric with 10 years u.v.;   280gsm, 90% u.v. block ,  3.6x3.6x3.6m; 5.0x5.0x5.0m; 3.6x3.6m; 5.0x5.0m; 3.0x4.0m; 3.0x5.0m, 4.0x4.0x5.7m; 5.0x5.0x7.1m
Color:  sand, beige, white, cool grey, silver, green, blue, terracotta, sea blue, black, olive green, lime
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Product   categories Shade sail
Product   name Darkgreen shade sail
Fabric specifications 180GSM polyester fabric, with 5 years u.v.; 80% u.v. block 
Material HDPE
Edge With one 2.5cm width white polyester webbing
Corner With 5mm  stainless "304"  "D"  ring, 
Stitch thread With higher u.v. polyester thread
Packing Pvc bag  or color box
Size 3.0x3.0m, 3.6x3.6m, 5.0x5.0m,  square                       3.0x4.0m, 3.0x5.0m   rectangle                               
Shade cover 85%
Color Darkgreen

The lightweight and heavy-duty fabric is knitted on industrial knitting machines with yarn count of 200,250,370 or even 500D. The corners are reinforced with one "D" ring or "△" ring in each corner of the shade sail. Stitch threads used are made of highly UV resistant polyester brand thread.Our triangular or quadrangular simple awning is made of high quality knitted fabric with UV protection. It is durable, lasting and easy to clean. The material is breathable and has excellent water permeability.
Light and strong, with a great deal of flexibility and durability, this shade sail is perfect for shading patios, pool areas, gardens or even greenhouses in the summer. Each cloth is made from a knitted polyester fabric that’s UV-resistant and weatherproof - perfect for outdoor areas!Our Square Shade Sail is made of high quality knitted fabric. It is lightweight and portable, easy to carry, which is perfect for relaxing in the garden, patio or beach!
Awnings can help protect you from the sun by providing shade and privacy. The fabric of shade awning plays an important role in protecting you from the heat and provides an elegant look for your home. Shade awning is lightweight, durable, and flexible. It can be easily moved if needed and comes in many different colors. This material is the best choice for shading porches, swimming pools, patios, lawns, balconies, etc.
Cover awnings are an economical way to offer shade and shelter for your customers. We carry a large range of polyester fabric styles that are easy to install and can be used indoors or out.Our main products:Awnings and shade cloths, etc. They are all available for competitive price, quality and service. Let's work together for a better future!

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Zhejiang shengzhou luyuan plastic netting Co., Ltd is founded in 2000, is a professional China Darkgreen shade sail Suppliers and Factory. Our mainly product is: HDPE shade net, shade sail, sun shade, carport, roll-up blinds, birdnet, hailprotection net, windbreat net… , Our product with higher u.v. stabilizer, or fire retardant material, no color fade outdoor, and no broken within 5 years or 10 years after sunlight. We use international advanced technology or material or equipment to warranty our quality.

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