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What are the Types of Awnings?

Awnings are permanent structures that create shade outside and reduce your air conditioning costs. They also provide visual comfort and brand identification, and come in a variety of styles.

Fixed Awnings: Always In Place
As their name suggests, fixed awnings are never removed and are usually kept open all the time. They are commonly used in commercial buildings and homes to shade outdoor areas and keep interiors cool.

Retractable Awnings: Expand at Will
Retractable awnings are usually made from fabric that can be opened and closed at will. They require no electricity to operate, and they are a great option for those looking to lower their carbon footprint while improving their aesthetics.

Solar Retractable Awnings: Outsmart the Weather
Retractable awnings with solar panels use the power of the sun to charge. This allows them to automatically extend when it's sunny and retract when the sun goes down.

PE Awnings: Strong and Durable
The most common fabric for awnings, canopies, walkways and small air-supported structures is PE, with a choice of PVC-laminated or coated. Its low cost and long-term durability are key factors in its popularity.

PE has similar properties to polyether urethane (PU) but offers improved flame resistance, heat sensitivity and translucency. PU is generally more expensive and often used in burlier tents that are placed in harsher environments, while PE can be used for lightweight expedition tents where weight is less of an issue.

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