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Introduction to some knowledge points of Waterproof Sun Sail?

A waterproof sun sail is a wonderful way to shade and protect your outdoor areas, particularly those in the garden. These sails can be used as patio shades, poolside covers, carports, or any other outdoor area that needs protection from the elements.

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, these aesthetically pleasing, yet practical shade sails can be used to envelop your home, patio, backyard, pool, or other outdoor areas with style and protection. They also provide a nice accent to any outdoor living space, and they are a wonderful alternative to permanent shade structures such as pergolas or covered porches.

Waterproof Sun Sails are made from 220 GSM non-recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene) with a UV blocking treatment. They offer all-weather protection and are available in a range of designer colours.

Unlike other products, our shade sails are waterproof and breathable at the same time. The breathable fabric filters 20% of the water, while in the case of our waterproof sails the Purishade(r) polypropylene filtering material ensures summer freshness and allows the heat to escape naturally through the mesh.

The waterproof sun sails can withstand Beaufort scale winds of 18-24 mph in the case of Easy Shade, 25-31 mph in the case of Saill or 32-38 mph in the case of Solaria, when correctly tensioned and inclined**. The breathable sails, on the other hand, are not completely waterproof, but they let the wind pass through them and are more resistant to hailstones than other fabrics.

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