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What are roll up blinds?

Roll up blinds refer to roller blinds that are used to effectively block strong light from entering the room, and have their own light transmission, perspective and temperature adjustment. It can be used in various architectural decorations according to different needs, such as villas, office buildings, business buildings, hotels, high-end workshops, etc.

Material: Most roll up blinds are mainly composed of various mechanism accessories and sunshade fabrics, of which the sunshade fabrics are divided into: glass fiber fabrics and polyester fabrics. Glass fiber fabrics are mainly PVC-coated glass fibers; polyester fabrics are PVC-coated polyester fibers. The new easy-to-spin thermal insulation roller shutter adopts the digital segmentation technology of special UV-proof materials, and uses the perfect weaving technology of woven and warp knitting, and the processing technology of finished curtains, so that the roller shutter can not only resist 99.8% of UV damage, but also achieve shading. without shading effect.

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