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Introduction of HDPE shade net

HDPE sunshade net is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, adding a certain proportion of color masterbatch, and it has various functions such as shading, cooling, moisturizing, rainstorm resistance, wind resistance and reducing the spread of insect pests. It is widely used in the cultivation of vegetables, flowers, fruit tree seedlings, edible fungi and cooling and moisturizing of various farms. At the same time, the product has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, convenient use, long life and low price, and is very popular among farmers.
The sunshade net has various functions such as cooling, moisturizing, frost-proof, warm-keeping, wind-proof, insect-proof and bird-proof, etc. It can optimize the microclimate and improve the growth environment of animals, plants and fungi in adverse climates. Compared with the original shading reed curtain and straw curtain, it has the advantages of long service life, convenient operation, labor-saving, labor-saving and so on.
Shade net is a new type of agricultural covering material that is lightweight, high-strength, resistant to aging and easy to be popularized in a large area.
There are many types of sunshade nets: round wire mesh, flat wire mesh, round wire and flat wire interwoven mesh and insect-proof mesh, please choose the mesh that suits you

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