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Types of shade cloth

In our opinion, a cloth that can block sunlight and light is a shading cloth. This kind of cloth is an auxiliary functional fabric. It is generally not used alone. Items that come into contact with, and have the function of blocking ultraviolet rays. Now, many curtains have begun to use blackout fabrics, which are soft to the touch, have the effect of keeping warm in winter and shading in summer, and have good privacy and sound insulation.
There are also many types of shading cloths, which are mainly divided into the following two categories:
1. Coated shading cloth
To process ordinary fabrics into shading fabrics, it is necessary to coat and dye the fabrics. Generally, two or more layers of fabrics need to be dyed to achieve the desired effect. The coatings are divided into two categories: silver coating and flocking;
2. Weaving shading cloth
Woven shading cloth is to directly achieve the effect of shading by weaving. The main method is to weave a layer of black silk in the middle of ordinary fabrics through weaving design, so as to achieve shading effect. Through the later processing and finishing, it can be subdivided into the following categories type:
(1) Flame retardant shading cloth: shading cloth with flame retardant function, divided into fiber flame retardant shading cloth and finishing flame retardant shading cloth;
(2) Embossed shading cloth: The shading cloth that has been dyed or dyed and flame retardant is pressed through special equipment to show various pattern effects, and then the embossed shading cloth is made;
(3) Printed shading cloth: The shading cloth that has been dyed or dyed flame-retardant finishing, through transfer printing or pigment printing, etc., the dye is fixed on the cloth surface to make a printed shading cloth

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