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Tips For Buying a Sun Shade For Your Car

A sun shade is a protective shield that is attached to a car's windshield. It is designed to keep the sun from reaching the interior of a vehicle, thereby reducing the interior's temperature. These sun shades are very useful in hot summers where the sun can get very bright. You can find many different types of sun shades that are designed for cars. To help you make the right decision, here are some tips for buying the best sun shade for your car.
To determine the optimal position of a sun shade on a window, start with the altitude of the window. For example, if the window is 116 inches wide, you should choose a sunshade that is 4" wider. This way, the sunshade can block as much light as possible, while still allowing some sunlight in. This way, you can also save energy by reducing the amount of electricity you use.
While the windshield does block UV rays and infrared rays, visible light is still transmitted into the car. When it reaches the interior of a car, this short-wave energy is absorbed and reradiated out as long-wave infrared radiation, which further heats the interior. The interior temperature of a car that is parked in the sun recreates the greenhouse effect and depletes the ozone layer. To reduce your car's temperature, consider investing in a sun shade.

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