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The fabric used for shade structures

The fabric used for shade structures has an impact on the performance and appearance of the shade. Some fabrics, such as Parasol and Polytex, are knitted to resist tears, and some use an open lockstitch construction to protect against the effects of UV rays and heat. In some cases, these fabrics can be cut to a specific size.
The material of choice for shade cloth can depend on the type of plants you're growing. The knitted variety is lighter, and is more durable. The woven variety is made from 100% polypropylene, making it better for winter use. Both materials offer protection against heat and light, but each type has unique advantages. The amount of shade cloth required depends on the type of plants you're growing, and where they're going to be placed.
Using heavy duty scissors, a utility knife, or a Coolaroo shade cloth cutter, cut the shade cloth to the desired length. To make the cut, feed the shade cloth into the mouth of the shade cloth cutter and pull along the desired line. Ensure that the cloth remains taught while cutting. The hem should be cut to fit around the pole, but loose enough so that it can wrap around it.
Shade Cloth Fabric is a versatile material that offers durability and flexibility. You can use it for a variety of projects.

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