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Shade net covering form

1. Floating surface coverage Cover the sunshade net directly on the border, and press the net at a certain distance to prevent the wind from blowing off. Floating surface covering is generally used for seedling raising and field direct seeding vegetable covering. For example, covering celery, cauliflower, chicken feathers, and cabbage after sowing can keep the soil moist and facilitate the emergence of seedlings.
2. Covering the small ring shed Insert shed bamboo on the edge of the two borders, and cover the shading net on the ring shed so that one side is fixed and the other side is flexible, so as to facilitate the opening of the cover. Both sides of the net are 40-46 cm from the ground, which is conducive to ventilation. It is generally used for celery, cabbage, cauliflower and other post-emergence protection from rain and strong light coverage, which is beneficial to improve the emergence rate and seedling rate.
3. Greenhouse coverage It is divided into fixed coverage, detachable coverage, suspension coverage in the greenhouse and two-screen coverage in the greenhouse.
①Fixed covering sunshade net is directly covered on the scaffolding, it is advisable to splicing 4 pieces, and the two sides of the net are about 1.6-1.8 meters above the ground, which can not only block the strong light at noon, but also illuminate the weak sunlight in the morning and evening, which is conducive to photosynthesis The accumulation of the product and the normal growth of the crop. Generally used for vegetable seedling and cultivation.
②Removing the cover Cover the shading net on the shed film of the greenhouse. One side of the net is fixed with a card slot, and the other side is tied with a rope. The cover is uncovered according to weather changes and crop growth needs. Mainly used for vegetable seedlings, seed production, seed preservation, etc.
③Suspension coverage in the greenhouse. That is, at 1.2-1.4 meters above the ground in the greenhouse, use 3 pieces of sunshade nets to spliced ​​together, suspended in the shed, and fixed on the scaffolding on both sides. It can block strong light, reduce high temperature, and be more ventilated. No need to open the lid every day. For celery, cauliflower seedlings and celery, green vegetables cultivation.
④Covering with two curtains in the greenhouse, that is, using iron wire, etc., to pull a sunshade net curtain at the upper part of the shed shoulder in the greenhouse. Mainly used for vegetable seedling and cultivation.

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