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Main technical indicators of roller blind fabrics

Main technical indicators of roller blind fabrics
1: Flatness, this is the most basic and conventional requirement for roller blind fabrics, if the flatness is not good, the fabric loss will be great.
2: Thickness, especially pay attention to the edge center difference of the control coating thickness.
3: Sunlight fastness, since roller blinds are generally hung in places with a lot of sunlight and plenty of sunlight, during the dyeing and printing process, we must pay attention to the use of dyes with high sun exposure.
4: The fastness of the foam coating, especially without peeling or breaking.
5: Fabric weaving defects. Because of the particularity of roller blinds, the quality requirements for fabrics are high and strict control is required.
6: Color fastness, gram weight, door width, etc. are conventional requirements, and the quality is strictly controlled.
Market demand and distribution of roller blinds
The main function of roller blinds is shading and sun protection. Therefore, the demand will be greater in tropical areas or areas with high sunlight.
The international market is mainly in South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States and other countries with high demand.

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