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How to choose a tarpaulin?

   In addition to choosing the appropriate color and size, know the strength classes of the tarpaulin: light, medium and heavy, etc. Weight is a very good measure of product durability when picking among different tarpaulin products of the same brand, but be careful when picking between brands A and B. Don't just look at the weight and choose the cheaper brand. Some manufacturers add high percentages of filler and recycled materials to keep costs down, and as a result,    even what may be a heavy tarp will be of poor quality. This is why it is important to buy products from trusted manufacturers.
   Different seasons have different purchasing methods. In summer, the temperature is high and the weather is hot. The tarpaulin we choose must be able to withstand high temperature. If this requirement cannot be met, after a long time of sunlight exposure, it will be easily sunburned, the tarpaulin will be deformed, and the service life will be reduced. . In addition, it is rainy in summer and bad weather occurs frequently, so the rainproof performance of the tarpaulin is better, and it is better to choose a thicker one. There is also its breathability. In general, the worse the breathability, the better the rainproof performance.

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