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Advantages of Windbreak Net

Windbreak nets are an essential part of agricultural production. They help reduce the risk of crop damage and soil erosion. This type of netting can also be used on golf courses, soccer fields, and tennis courts.
It can be made of plastic netting and helps to protect plants and vegetables from the damaging effects of wind, rain, and snow. Besides, it can increase the yield of the crops.
Windbreaks are essential for gardens, farms, and nurseries. They also protect crops from the harmful effects of sunlight.
Moreover, they can improve soil productivity. They provide natural air circulation and offer reliable protection against snow and rain. They can be fixed to wooden fence posts, or secured to existing steel fencing.
Windbreak netting is available in various colors, sizes, and densities. Depending on the area enclosed, they can be installed to reduce the speed of the wind by 50 to 70%.
The material used in manufacturing windbreak nets is UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament yarn. These yarns are woven into a fine mesh. Each meter of windbreak netting can protect 10 running meters of crop.
Orchard netting is designed with a hole size that is optimum for the needs of orchard crops. It prevents the damage caused by hail.
Hail netting is also a great option for protecting plants. Hail can destroy buds and leaves. It is lightweight and can be easily installed.
Other types of windbreak nets include metal wall/panel, and plastic netting. All these materials are effective at blocking out wind.

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